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Q: What is a Merchant Account?

Quite simply a merchant account allows your business to accept credit cards. Typically this is used to describe the ability to accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards but does also include American Express, Discover Card, and other types of credit cards.

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In the last few months, we have received many requests from existing clients using Authorize.Net as a primary payment gateway concerned about the upcoming Authorize.Net gateway API changes.

Will this change affect your nopCommerce site? 

Short answer : NO

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The foundation for every website is fundamentally sound source code. Unfortunately programmers aren’t always the most meticulous type of people. They’d rather hash out the difficult stuff and leave the details to someone else, and that’s where code validation comes in. To make sure your website’s source code and features are fully functional you should run it through the following validation tests.

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There’s no question that ranking higher than your competitors on Google is a must for every online business. At Drundo we often receive calls from existing clients asking if they should spend X thousand dollars on SEO services from SEO experts. Our answer always is: Don’t spend money on seo and advertising services is you can’t track and measure the results. Set a web site performance base line and get the basic services first before moving to the next level. Continue reading “6 Basic Marketing and SEO Steps Every Online Ecommerce Business Should Take” »

Turning visitors into customers is one of the primary goals of any e-commerce site, but what happens after a customer has successfully placed an order? This person has just filled out numerous form fields and spent their hard-earned money on your site – what a shame it would be to waste this great opportunity for customer engagement by simply re-displaying the order information on the order confirmation page.

This post will present several ideas to get more out of your order confirmation page (the “Thank you” page).

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